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Alpha-Numeric Listing of
Applications Literature

Bolded titles are recommended reading by the Agilent Technologies Applications staff.
Silvered titles are obsolete literature and may reference product Agilent Technologies no longer offers.

For recent additions, check the Recent DesignTips directory.  

PDF Size
  • AB-0007: INA Bonding Configurations [obsolete]
PDF 18k
  • AB-0010: Limiting Characteristics of the IVA-05118 VGA
PDF 27k
  • AB-0013: SPICE models for the IAM-81 and IAM-82 Active Mixers
PDF 344k
  • AB-102: HPMX-5001 Demonstration Circuit Board
PDF 114k
  • [preliminary] AB-AW091599: A Low Current High Intercept Point Low Noise Amplifier for 1900 MHz using the ATF-38143 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 145k
  • [preliminary] AB-MR121494: Extending the Frequency Range of the HPMX-2005
PDF 29k
  • [preliminary] AB-RLM020199: Designing with the MGA-72543 RFIC Amplifier / Bypass Switch
PDF 516k
  • [preliminary] AB-RLM020299: MGA-72543 Demonstration PCB
PDF 217k
  • AN 918: Pulse and Waveform Generation with Step Recovery Diodes [obsolete]
PDF 2881k
  • AN 922: Applications of PIN Diodes
PDF 252k
  • AN 923: Schottky Barrier Video Detectors
PDF 73k
  • AN 928: Ku Band Step Recovery Multipliers [obsolete]
PDF 769k
  • AN 929: Fast Switching PIN Diodes
PDF 90k
  • AN 944-1: Microwave Transistor Bias Considerations
PDF 903k
  • AN 956-1: The Criterion for the Tangential Sensitivity Measurement
PDF 60k
  • AN 956-3: Flicker Noise in Schottky Diodes
PDF 695k
  • AN 956-4: Schottky Diode Voltage Doubler
PDF 25k
  • AN 956-5: Dynamic Range Extension of Schottky Detectors
PDF 17k
  • AN 956-6: Temperature Dependence of Schottky Detector Voltage Sensitivity
PDF 36k
  • AN 957-1: Broadbanding the Shunt PIN Diode SPDT Switch
PDF 40k
  • AN 957-2: Reducing the Insertion Loss of a Shunt PIN Diode
PDF 16k
  • AN 957-3: Rectification Effects in PIN Attenuators
PDF 25k
  • AN 963: Impedance Matching Techniques for Mixers and Detectors
PDF 82k
  • AN 967: A Low Noise 4 GHz Transistor Amplifier Using the HXTR-6101 Silicon Bipolar Transistor [obsolete]
PDF 1279k
  • AN 969: The Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode
PDF 252k
  • AN 970: A 6 GHz Amplifier Using the HFET-1101 GaAs FET [obsolete]
PDF 718k
  • AN 971: The HPND-4050 Beam Lead Mesa PIN in Shunt Applications
PDF 816k
  • AN 974: Die Attach and Bonding Techniques for Diodes and Transistors [obsolete]
  • AN 976: Broadband Microstrip Mixer Design: The Butterfly Mixer
PDF 61k
  • AN 979: The Handling and Bonding of Beam Lead Devices Made Easy [obsolete]
PDF 916k
  • AN 983: Comb Generator Simplifies Multiplier Design [obsolete]
PDF 596k
  • AN 984: How to Get More Output Power From a Comb Generator Module with the Right Bias Resistor [obsolete]
PDF 429k
  • AN 985: Achieve High Isolation in Series Applications with the Low Capacitance
    HPND-4005 Beam Lead PIN
PDF 879k
  • AN 986: Square Law and Linear Detection
PDF 26k
  • AN 987: Is Bias Current Necessary?
PDF 16k
  • AN 988: All Schottky Diodes Are Zero Bias Detectors
PDF 23k
  • AN 989: Step Recovery Diode Doubler [obsolete]
PDF 578k
  • AN 991: Harmonic Mixing with the HSCH-5500 Series Dual Diode
PDF 69k
  • AN 992: Beam Lead Attachment Methods
PDF 77k
  • AN 993: Beam Lead Device Bonding to Soft Substrates
PDF 35k
  • AN 993-1: Thermal Stress Relief in Beam Lead Diode Assembly
PDF 24k
  • AN 995: The Schottky Diode Mixer
PDF 42k
  • AN 997: A 2 GHz Balanced Mixer Using SOT-23 Surface Mount Schottky Diodes
PDF 305k
  • AN 999: GaAs MMIC Assembly and Handling Guidelines
PDF 57k
  • AN 1048: A Low Cost Surface Mount PIN Diode Pi Attenuator
PDF 74k
  • AN 1049: A Low Distortion PIN Diode Switch Using Surface Mount Devices
PDF 86k
  • AN 1050: Low Cost Surface Mount Power Limiters
PDF 2040k
  • AN 1052: A Low Cost, Surface Mount X Band Mixer
PDF 21k
  • AN 1054: Low Cost Frequency Multipliers Using SMT PIN Diodes
PDF 30k
  • AN 1055: Clock Recovery using Si MMICs
PDF 175k
  • AN 1064: Low Noise and Moderate Power Amplifiers Using the ATF-21186
PDF 2281k
  • AN 1067: An SPDT PIN Diode T/R Switch for PCN Applications
PDF 123k
  • AN 1069: Non-RF Applications for the Surface Mount Schottky Diode Pairs HSMS-2812 and HSMS-2822
PDF 31k
  • AN 1071: Battery Operation of the INA-03184
PDF 34k
  • AN 1072: Applications for the HSMP-3890 Surface Mount Switching PIN Diode
PDF 69k
  • AN 1076: Using the ATF-10236 in low noise amplifier applications in the UHF through 1.7 GHz frequency range
PDF 110k
  • AN 1083: IMFET Handling and Design Guidelines[obsolete]
PDF 56k
  • AN 1084: Two-Stage 800 - 1000 MHz Amplifier using the AT-41511 Silicon Bipolar Transistor
PDF 58k
  • AN 1085: 900 and 2400 MHz Amplifiers Using the AT-3 Series Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
PDF 137k
  • AN 1088: Designing the Virtual Battery
PDF 81k
  • AN 1089: Designing Detectors for RF/ID Tags
PDF 120k
  • AN 1090: The Zero Bias Schottky Diode Detector at Temperature Extremes - Problems and Solutions
PDF 80k
  • AN 1091: 1 and 2 Stage 10.7 to 12.7 GHz Amplifiers Using the ATF-36163 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 88k
  • AN 1097: L and S Band Amplifiers Using the ATF-36163 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 145k
  • AN 1116: Using the MGA-87563 GaAs MMIC Low Noise Amplifier Application in the 800 Through 2500 MHz Frequency Range
PDF 60k
  • AN 1124: Linear Models for Diode Surface Mount Packages
PDF 31k
  • AN 1126: Evaluation of Vector Modulator IC Performance
PDF 47k
  • AN 1128: L Band Amplifier Using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 47k
  • AN 1129: Low Noise Amplifier for 2.3 GHz using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 29k
  • AN 1131: Low Noise Amplifiers for 320 MHz and 850 MHz Using the AT-32063 Dual Transistor
PDF 71k
  • AN 1133: Low Noise Amplifiers for 5.7 GHz using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 19k
  • AN 1136: Low Cost Mixer for the 10.7 to 12.8 GHz Direct Broadcast Satellite Market
PDF 41k
  • AN 1139: 950 to 2400 MHz IF Amplifier Using the INA-51063 and INA-54063
PDF 31k
  • AN 1145: Phase Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer Demonstration Circuit Board
PDF 62k
  • AN 1147: Using the INA-12063 RFIC Amplifier for 2.4 GHz Applications
PDF 55k
  • AN 1156: Diode Detector Simulation using Hewlett-Packard EESOF ADS Software
PDF 31k
  • AN 1160: 1800 to 1900 MHz Amplifiers using the HBFP-0405 and HBFP-0420 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
PDF 157k
  • AN 1161: 800 to 950 MHz Amplifiers using the HBFP-0405 and HBFP-0420 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
PDF 208k
  • [preliminary] AN 1163: Compact HSMP-389V Transmit/Recieve Switch Design
PDF 38k
  • AN 1168: 1800 MHz Medium Power Amplifier using the HBFP-0450 Silicon Bipolar Transistor
PDF 67k
  • AN 1174: Low Noise Amplifiers for 1600 MHz and 1900 MHz Low Current Self-biased Applications using the ATF-35143 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 62k
  • AN 1175: High Intercept Low Noise Amplifiers for 1500 MHz through 2500 MHz using the ATF-34143 Low Noise PHEMT
PDF 62k
  • AN-A001: Notes on Choke Network Design
PDF 596k
  • AN-A002: Design of a 4 GHz LNA for a TVRO Earth Station
PDF 81k
  • AN-A004R: Electrostatic Discharge Damage and Control
PDF 42k
  • AN-A005: Transistor Chip Use
PDF 24k
  • AN-A006: Mounting Considerations for Packaged Microwave Semiconductors
PDF 226k
  • AN-A007: 4 GHz Television Receive Only LNB Design
PDF 92k
  • AN-A008: Microwave Oscillator Design
PDF 62k
  • AN-A009: Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems
PDF 83k
  • AN-G001: ATF-13136 12 GHz Demonstration Amplifier [obsolete]
PDF 233k
  • AN-G002: ATF-10136 4 GHz Demonstration Amplifier
PDF 242k
  • AN-G003: MGA-64135 GaAs MMIC
PDF 89k
  • AN-G004: S-Band Low Noise Amplifiers ATF-10136, ATF-13284
PDF 99k
  • AN-G005: Active GaAs FET Mixers Using the ATF-10136, ATF-13736, and ATF-13484
PDF 716k
  • AN-G006: MGA-64135 GaAs MMIC as a Variable Gain Amplifier and Operation at Reduced Vdd
PDF 29k
  • AN-G007: MGS Series Monolithic GaAs Switches [obsolete]
PDF 110k
  • AN-M022: Installing TO-8 Oscillators
PDF 24k
  • AN-M024: Voltage Controlled Oscillators Evaluated for System Design
PDF 78k
  • AN-S001: Basic MODAMP MMIC Circuit Techniques
PDF 56k
  • AN-S002: MODAMP MMIC Nomenclature
PDF 15k
  • AN-S003: Biasing MODAMP MMICs
PDF 39k
  • AN-S004: A Broadband IF Amplifier Using MSA-0235 and MSA-0335 [obsolete]
PDF 329k
  • AN-S005: Using Hewlett Packard MSA Series Amplifiers as Frequency Converters
PDF 196k
  • AN-S006: Using External Feedback to Achieve Flat Gain with the MSA-0885
PDF 71k
  • AN-S007: Using the MSA-0520 and the MSA-1023 Medium Power MODAMP Silicon MMIC Amplifiers
PDF 57k
  • AN-S008: Designing with the MSA-9970
PDF 65k
  • AN-S009: MODAMP Silicon MMIC Chip Use [obsolete]
PDF 196k
  • AN-S010: A 5 GHz Bipolar Active Mixer
PDF 99k
  • AN-S011: Using Silicon MMIC Gain Blocks as Transimpedance Amplifiers
PDF 429k
  • AN-S012: MagIC Low Noise Amplifiers
PDF 69k
  • AN-S013: MagIC Active Mixers
PDF 94k
  • AN-S014: 750-1250 MHz VCO
PDF 793k
  • Digital Radio Module Overview
PDF 24k
  • IAM-91563 Data Sheet: 0.8-6 GHz 3V Downconverter
PDF 199k
  • MGA-81563 Data Sheet: 0.1 6 GHz 3V, 14 dBm Amplifier
PDF 136k
  • MGA-82563 Data Sheet: 0.1 6 GHz 3V, 17 dBm Amplifier
PDF 138k
  • MGA-83563 Data Sheet: 0.1 6 GHz 3V, 20 dBm Amplifier
PDF 208k
  • MGA-85563 Data Sheet: 0.9 6 GHz 3V Low Noise GaAs MMIC Amplifier
PDF 119k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #31: A 2-26.5 GHz Var. Gain Amp Using HMMC-5021/22/26 MMIC Components
PDF 37k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #34: HMMC-5021/5022/26 and HMMC-5027 TWA Environmental Data
PDF 26k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #35: HMMC-52006 Switch Driver with TTL Input
PDF 52k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #37: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Attenuation Control
PDF 44k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #41: HMMC-5021/22/26 S-Parameter Performance as a Function of Bonding
PDF 13k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #42: MMICB Reliability
PDF 11k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #44: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: S-Parameters
PDF 30k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #45: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Switching Speed Limitations
PDF 18k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #46: HMMC-5040 Reliability
PDF 15k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #47: HMMC-5021/22/26 2-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC Distributed Amp Conversion
PDF 45k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #49: HMMC-5618 Power, Harmonics, IMD
PDF 67k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #50: HMMC-5040 as a 20-40 GHz Multiplier
PDF 49k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #51: PH9 Reliability
PDF 27k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #52: 1 Watt 17.7 GHz - 32 GHz Linear Power Amp
PDF 261k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #999: GaAS MMIC Assembly and Handling Guidelines
PDF 57k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #1053: Designing with HMMC-5021/22/26 and HMMC-5027 GaAs MMIC Amplifiers
PDF 85k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #001: HSCH-9401 Diode Model
PDF 11k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #002: HSCH-9161 Diode Model
PDF 12k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #003: HMMC-5040 and -5032 Demo
PDF 18k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #004: HMMC-5032 Intermodulation Distortion
PDF 40k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #005: HMMC-5032 Driven by a HMMC-5618
PDF 46k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #006: HMMC-5033 Intermodulation Distortion
PDF 32k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #010: HMMC-1002 50 GHz Attenuator 0-50 GHz Performance
PDF 38k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #012: HHSCH-9161 GaAs Detector Diode Sensitivity Measurements
PDF 55k
  • Non-SMT Diode Selection Guide
PDF 42k
  • Part to Market Quick Guide, ver 4.0
PDF 192k
  • Primer 1, HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSISTOR PRIMER SERIES: Silicon Bipolar Electrical Characteristics
PDF 57k
  • Primer 2, HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSISTOR PRIMER SERIES: Noise & S Parameter Characterization
PDF 61k
PDF 74k
PDF 228k
PDF 63k
  • RFIC Selection Guide
PDF 54k
  • SMT Diode Selection Guide
PDF 22k
  • Surface Mount Schottky and PIN Diodes - Marketing Positioning
PDF 17k
  • Surface Mount Schottky Diodes Statistical Data
  • Transistor Selection Guide
PDF 21k
  • VCO Selection Guide
PDF 19k
  • Wireless Infrastructure Products Selection Guide [obsolete]
PDF 32k

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