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Product Information
Alpha-Numeric Listing of Individual Product Data Sheets
Alpha-Numeric Listing of Product Reliability Data Sheets
Electronic Components Designer's Catalog
CD-ROM [updated roughly quarterly] or 1997 Printed catalog [publication number 5966-0895E (9/97)]
contact your local sales office or distributer
Ordering and Service Information (Product Warranty) PDF 80k
Applications Literature  
Alpha-Numeric Listing of Applications Notes and Other Applications Literature
For recent additions, check the Recent DesignTips directory.

Applications Literature organized by Topic:
about Diodes
Schottky Diodes (HSMS, HSCH, 5082-)
PIN Diodes (HPND, HSMP, 5082-)
Step Recovery Diodes and Comb Generators [obsolete]
about Transistors
Bipolar Junction Transistors (AT, HBFP)
GaAs FETs and PHEMTs (ATF)
IMFETs (IM - obsolete)
about Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuit Amplifiers (INA, IVA, MGA, MSA)
Mixers, Modulators, RFLSI, and Other ICs (HPMX, IAM, IVA, IFD, MGS)
Millimeter Wave ICs (HMMC)
about VCOs & Assemblies
Digital Radio Modules (DRR, DRT)
Market Oriented Notes
Selection Guides
Cellular, PCS, and Paging Application
ISM Application
TV Distribution
Design and Assembly

Additional Design Aids including DesignPak s parameter data and device modeling information can be found under Design Information

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