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Literature about
Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits

For recent additions, check the Recent DesignTips directory.  

General Information [ top ]
PDF Size
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #999: GaAS MMIC Assembly and Handling Guidelines
PDF 57k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #42: MMICB Reliability
PDF 11k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #51: PH9 Reliability
PDF 27k
Millimeter Wave Amplifier ICs [ top ]
PDF Size
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #31: A 2-26.5 GHz Var. Gain Amp Using HMMC-5021/22/26 MMIC Components (Preliminary)
PDF 37k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #34: HMMC-5021/5022/26 and HMMC-5027 TWA Environmental Data
PDF 26k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #41: HMMC-5021/22/26 S-Parameter Performance as a Function of Bonding
PDF 13k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #46: HMMC-5040 Reliability
PDF 15k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #47: HMMC-5021/22/26 2-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC Distributed Amp Conversion
PDF 45k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #49: HMMC-5618 Power, Harmonics, IMD
PDF 67k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #50: HMMC-5040 as a 20-40 GHz Multiplier
PDF 49k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #52: 1 Watt 17.7 GHz - 32 GHz Linear Power Amp
PDF 261k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #1053: Designing with HMMC-5021/22/26 and HMMC-5027 GaAs MMIC Amplifiers
PDF 85k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #003: HMMC-5040 and -5032 Demo
PDF 18k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #004: HMMC-5032 Intermodulation Distortion
PDF 40k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #005: HMMC-5032 Driven by a HMMC-5618
PDF 46k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #006: HMMC-5033 Intermodulation Distortion
PDF 32k
Other MMW ICs [ top ]
PDF Size
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #35: HMMC-2006 Switch Driver with TTL Input
PDF 52k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #37: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Attenuation Control
PDF 44k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #44: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: S-Parameters
PDF 30k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Applications Note #45: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Switching Speed Limitations
PDF 18k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #010: HMMC-1002 50 GHz Attenuator 0-50 GHz Performance
PDF 38k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #015: HMMC-3040 Multiplier Operation
PDF 82k
Millimeter Wave Diodes [ top ]
PDF Size
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #001: HSCH-9401 Diode Model
PDF 11k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #002: HSCH-9161 Diode Model
PDF 12k
  • [preliminary] MWTC Product Note #012: HHSCH-9161 GaAs Detector Diode Sensitivity Measurements
PDF 55k

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