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Recent DesignTips

This library contains recent DesignTips created by the Agilent Technologies applications engineering staff. DesignTips are informal presentations of useful design information. To bring you this information quickly, recent tips are listed in this location in sequence of publishing. During periodic site upgrades, tips will be removed from this location and incorporated into the standard lists of applications literature for easier access.

  • # T002
  • A Low Current High Intercept Point Low Noise Amplifier for 1900 MHz using the ATF-38143 Low Noise PHEMT pdf [145 k]
  • # D004
  • Detector Selecter pdf [65 k]
  • # D001
  • Choosing the Right Diode For Your AGC Detector
    updated 6 July 1999
    pdf [63 k]
  • # D003
  • Notes on Differential Detector Circuits pdf [65 k]
  • # T001
  • Replaced by AN-1174
  • # D002
  • A Schottky Diode Optimized for Consistency pdf [110 k]
  • # G002
  • MGA-72543: Designing for Stability HTML [link]
  • # G001
  • Measuring IP3 HTML [link]
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this page last updated: 20 October 1999