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Transistor Specification Selection Guide
Gate Width
(FET Size)

ATF-46 ATF-45 ATF-44 ATF-13 AYF-26 ATF-10 ATF-21 ATF-34 ATF-36 ATF-38

Indicates the amount of active area for a FET. The gate width is the long dimension of a field effect transistor's gate. It is directly related to P 1dB (bigger FETs can produce more output power), and inversely related to gain (smaller FETs are typically "hotter"). For a given frequency range of operation, there is a best gate width for stability, performance and ease of matching.

small signal: choose to fit frequency of operation
power: choose for sufficient P 1dB

100 - 1000 microns for small signal devices
1 mm - multiple mm for power devices
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this page last updated: 20 October 1999