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Transistor Specification Selection Guide
BJT Package Options

package: 08 11 25 32 33 43 63 86 85 35 36 10 70 20 23 00
family plastic cer hermetic power chip
AT-305xx   yes   yes  
AT-310xx   yes   yes  
AT-316xx   yes  
AT-320xx   yes   yes yes   yes  
AT-332xx   yes  
AT-364xx yes  
AT-380xx   yes   yes  
AT-414xx   yes   yes yes yes yes yes yes   yes
AT-415xx   yes   yes yes   yes  
AT-420xx   yes yes yes yes yes yes   yes
AT-640xx   yes yes  
HBFP-0405   yes  
HBFP-0420   yes  
HBFP-0450   yes  

available bipolar transistor packages

depends on application

Surface mount (SMT) compatibility is a requirement for most volume assembly applications. Plastic packages limit maximum junction temperatures to 150 C vs 200 C for other packages, so may limit performance of power products. Ceramic or hermetic packages are typically required for hi-rel applications, and typically offer better performance through reduced parasitics. Packages with high parasitic inductance and/or capacitance (typically plastic packages) may severely limit device performance at higher frequencies (above 2 GHz).


SMT (surface mount)
Surface mount packages have co-planer leads that allow for device mounting without the use of through holes. Surface mount capability is generally considered to be a requirement for automated assembly.

08 pkg dwg SO-8: 8 lead industry standard (for power)
11 pkg dwg SOT-143: industry standard low parasitic
25 pkg dwg MSOP-3: mini-mold for power applications
32 pkg dwg SOT-323: SC-70 3 lead miniature
33 pkg dwg SOT-23: 3 lead industry standard
43 pkg dwg SOT-343: SC-70 4 lead miniature
63 pkg dwg SOT-363: SC-70 6 lead miniature
86 pkg dwg 4 formed lead 85 mil low parasitic improved thermals
35 pkg dwg 4 lead ceramic "micro-x"
36 pkg dwg 4 lead ceramic "micro-x" with lead trim
10 pkg dwg 4 lead 100 mil stripline for high performance for larger die
70 pkg dwg 4 lead 70 mil stripline for high performance

00 pkg dwg unpackaged chip
85 pkg dwg 4 axial lead 85 mil low parasitic improved thermals
20 pkg dwg 200 mil BeO disc
23 pkg dwg 230 mil BeO flange

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999