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Transistor Specification Selection Guide
Operating Voltage Range

   Bipolar Transistors
HBFP-0405 <1 V 3 V    
HBFP-0420 <1 V 3 V    
HBFP-0450 <1 V 3 V    
AT-305xx <1 V 3 V 5 V    
AT-310xx <1 V 3 V 5 V    
AT-320xx <1 V 3 V 5 V    
AT-380xx   3 V 5 V    
AT-316xx   3 V 5 V    
AT-332xx   3 V 5 V    
AT-364xx   3 V 5 V    
AT-414xx   3 V 5 V 8 V  
AT-415xx   3 V 5 V 8 V  
AT-420xx   3 V 5 V 8 V  
AT-640xx       8 V 16 V
   Field Effect Transistors
ATF-36xxx 1.5 V    
ATF-33xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-34xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-35xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-10xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-13xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-21xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-26xxx   2-4 V  
ATF-44xxx     9 V
ATF-45xxx     9 V
ATF-46xxx     9 V

Power supply voltage for best operation.

needs to fit application.
Battery operated applications require low voltages, depending on the number of cells used. A single cell lithium battery provides approximately 1V when regulated, degrading to about 0.9 at end of life. Pagers typically use a single cell; PCS and cordless phones often use 3 cells; many cellular phones and portable LANs use a 5 or 6 cell design. Applications that "plug in" to a power grid typically have fewer power supply constraints than battery operated systems; 12, 15 and 24 V rails are commonly available in such systems.

The operating voltage of a BJT is limited on the low end by the turn-on voltage, which depends largely on epitaxial material properties. The high end is limited by breakdown voltages, also a strong function of epi;. A good rule of thumb is to operate at least a volt below the BVceo value listed in the Maximum Ratings table on the data sheet for linear (class A) operation, and below 1/2 the BVcbo value for class C (large signal) use.
Most AT series bipolars have an operating voltage range of 1-10 volts.
The AT-3x family is designed specifically for battery operation, and has a range of 0.3 - 6 V.
The AT-3x power devices can operate at 3.6, 4.8, or 6 V.
The AT-640 family uses a power process, and can operate up to 18 V.

FETs are designed to operate at lower voltages than bipolars. Their operating range is determined by breakdown voltages, which depend on process.
Most small signal FETs operate well in the 1 - 3 volt range.
PHEMTs operate at slightly lower voltages (0.5 - 2 V).
Power FETs operate up to 9 V

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999