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Microwave & RF Image Agilent Technologies manufactures innovative radio frequency (RF) semiconductors and assemblies for the communications marketplace. Combining technology leadership with the appropriate choice of silicon or GaAs processes, our engineers create semiconductors that achieve the highest value to the customer, packaged in the smallest size surface mount packages on the market. Our world-wide manufacturing facilities allow us to produce products with proven quality, in high volumes, and at competitive prices. These include:

diodesSchottky diodes
including an extensive range of surface mount devices for detector, clamping and mixer applications, as well as high performance devices for operation through millimeter wave.

diodesPIN diodes
including a wide range of surface mount devices for switch, limiter, and attenuator applications, as well as high performance beam lead devices for operation at microwave frequencies.

BJTsSilicon bipolar transistors for operation to past 4 GHz
including high performance 3 V devices, general purpose small signal transistors, and power devices to several watts

FETsGaAs FETs and PHEMTs for operation to past 18 GHz
for ultra low noise figures and performance through microwave frequencies

ampsSilicon and GaAs based IC amplifiers
including new ultra-miniature 3 and 5 volt ICs for wireless communications applications and the MODAMP line of 50 ohm gain blocks, as well as driver amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, and millimeter wave amplifiers.

RFICsSilicon and GaAs based RFICs
including active mixers, vector modulators, prescalers, multi-function ICs, and chip sets.

hybridsVCOs and Assemblies
including voltage controlled oscillators and digital radio modules.
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