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Field Effect Transistors
& Psuedomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistors

  • Small signal and medium power PHEMTs
  • [ top ]
    ATF-331600 micron high consistency [Preliminary Info.]
    ATF-34800 micron high consistency
    ATF-38800 micron 2V high consistency [Preliminary Info.]
    ATF-35400 micron high consistency
    ATF-36200 micron ultra low noise

  • Small signal MESFETs
  • [ top ]
    ATF-21750 micron general purpose
    ATF-10500 micron low noise
    ATF-13250 micron low noise
    ATF-26250 micron general purpose

  • power MESFETs
  • [ top ]
    ATF-445000 micron
    ATF-452500 micron
    ATF-461250 micron
    IMFETsinternally matched power FETs [obsolete]

  • Designer's Kits
  • [ top ]
    DSNR-TK01Transistor Designer's Kit

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this page last updated: 20 October 1999