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MSA-06xx Series
as Self-Oscillating Mixers

(formerly MSF-86xx family)
for applications to 2 GHz

typical performance, bias: 5V, 10 mA
input (RF) and LO range: <100 to 2000 MHz
output (IF) range: up to 500 MHz with gain
IP3: +7 dBm (-20 dBm RF input, RF at 1.575 GHz, LO at 1.4 GHz)
RF-IF gain: 9 dB (-20 dBm RF input, RF at 1.575 GHz, LO at 1.4 GHz)
LO-RF isolation: 0 dB (-20 dBm RF input, RF at 1.575 GHz, LO at 1.4 GHz)

part number package outline data sheet
MSA-0635 micro-x pkg dwg pdf
MSA-0670 70 mil
pkg dwg pdf
MSA-0685 85 mil
pkg dwg pdf
Models[ top ]
The following models are available for this family:
  SPICE model (use MSA-06 model) [link to SPICE model]
  MDS model (use MSA-06 model) [link to MDS model]
  ADS model (use MSA-06 model) [link to ADS model]
S Parameter Data[ top ]
S parameter data is available for:
  MSA-0635 [link to s parameter data]
  MSA-0670 [link to s parameter data]
  MSA-0685 [link to s parameter data]
Applications Literature[ top ]
The following literature archives contain information that may make use of this product easier:
  Information about Mixer ICs [link to applications library]
  General Information about Amplifier ICs [link to applications library]
  Information about MSA Series IC Amplifiers [link to applications library]
  Assembly Information [link to applications library]

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999