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MDS Model Library

This library of models is being supplied to users as an aid to circuit designs. While it reflects reasonably close similarity to the actual devices in terms of performance, it is not suggested as a replacement for lab evaluation. Simulation should be used as a forerunner or a supplement to traditional lab testing.

Users should very carefully note the following factors regarding these models:

  • Model performance in general will reflect typical baseline specs for a given device, and certain aspects of performance may not be modeled fully.
  • While reasonable care has been taken in their preparation, we cannot be responsible for correct application on any and all computer systems.
  • For future model improvements, Agilent Technologies reserves the right to change these models without prior notice.
  • For actual design guidelines, please refer to current data sheet for the device. Only the data sheet provides actual performance guarantee.
5082-2207, 5082-2209 download [45k]
5082-2303 download [21k]
obsolete: 5082-2765, 5082-2774, 5082-2785
download [45k]
5082-2830 download [45k]
HBAT-540x Series download [47k]
download [63k]
HSCH-9161 download [69k]
HSCH-5xxx Series
download [194k]
HSMS-270x Series download [45k]
HSMA-280x Series download [61k]
HSMA-281x Series download [81k]
HSMA-282x Series download [45k]
HSMA-285x Series download [45k]
HSMA-286x Series download [45k]
HSMA-820x Series download [45k]
AT-305 Series download [127k]
AT-310 Series download [125k]
AT-31625 download [87k]
AT-320 Series [updated 9 September 1999] download [254k]
AT-33225 download [87k]
AT-380 Series download [142k]
AT-414 Series, AT-415 Series download [425k]
AT-420 Series download [277k]
AT-640 Series download [89k]
ATF-21170 download [119k]
ATF-34143 download [119k]
ATF-35143 download [122k]
ATF-36077 download [133k]
HBFP-0405 download [139k]
HBFP-0420 download [176k]
HBFP-0450 download [113k]
INA-01 Series download [259k]
INA-02 Series download [335k]
INA-03 Series download [279k]
INA-10386 download [125k]
MSA-01 Series download [35k]
MSA-02 Series download [326k]
MSA-03 Series download [361k]
MSA-04 Series download [361k]
MSA-05 Series download [275k]
MSA-06 Series download [333k]
MSA-07 Series download [339k]
MSA-08 Series download [335k]
MSA-09 / MSA-99 Series download [335k]
MSA-10 Series (obsolete) download [165k]
MSA-11 Series download [315k]
MSA-21 Series download [155k]
MSA-31 Series download [269k]
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999