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RFIC Application Selection Guide
Modulator ICs

 BPSK Modulators | Vector Modulators | System Solutions
Adds information to a high frequency carrier signal by controlling the amplitude, frequency, and or phase characteristics of the resulting signal.

BPSK Modulators

  A BPSK modulator creates a high frequency signal carrying data bits that are distinguished by their phase, with a logical "0" typically 180 degrees out of phase from a logical "1". This function can be performed by an up converting mixer, where the data is fed into the IF input, and the high frequency carrier is fed into the LO port.
  One implementation is to use a Gilbert cell mixer with a high impedance modulation input port, a 50 ohm LO input port, and a 50 ohm modulated carrier output port. Products include:
  HPMX-2006 up converter / amplifier
  Mixers with 50 ohm matches can be used as BPSK modulators, but may require a higher level input signal. Products include:
  IAM-81xxx active mixers
IAM-82xxx active mixers
  If the same data stream is fed into the I and Q ports, a vector modulators can be used to perform BPSK modulation. Products include:
  HPMX-2003 vector modulator
HPMX-2005 vector modulator
HPMX-2007 vector modulator

Vector Modulators

  Vector modulators are modulators that can produce output signals at varying magnitudes and at any phase angle. IC vector modulators consist of two matched Gilbert cell-based mixers, a 90 degree phase shifter, and a summer. This structure can produce outputs at any phase angle, and can consequently be used as a phase modulator. Some variation in output vector magnitude is also achievable, making the structure useful for at least lower orders of m-ary modulation.
  Key Parameters
  frequency range
output power
modulation error (phase error, magnitude error, SSB suppression, LO leakage)
(direct, dual conversion, offset loop)
50 ohm match, open collector, differential I,Q)
LO drive power
I,Q bandwidth
noise floor
  Product Families
for 800 - 1000 MHz direct modulation applications.
use by itself for direct modulation, or with IAM-81008 for offset loop applications
for dual conversion modulation schemes
use by itself for direct modulation 25 to 250 MHz, or with IAM-81008 for dual conversion applications 5 - 2500 MHz
40 -400 MHz modulator with integrated 5-4000 MHz mixer
use for 5 - 4000 MHz dual conversion modulation applications

System Solutions

  In addition to stand alone modulators, Agilent Technologies offers complete system solutions that include the modulation function. These include:

  HPMX-5001 / 1.5 - 2.5 GHz FHSS chip set
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999