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3V vector modualtor and mixer

Schematic package data sheet
HPMX-2007 schematic        
pkg dwg






output frequency 40 - 400 MHz 5 - 4000 MHz 5 - 4000 MHz
voltage range 2.7 - 5.5 V 2.7 - 5.5 V 2.7 - 5.5 V
bias current 10 mA
(modulator only)
25 mA mixer + mod
can't run mixer only
30 mA max
sleep mode - - 3 uA typ; 25 uA max
output power -23 dBm SE into 50 omega @ 150 MHz -15 dBm linear
-11 dBm sat into 50 omega @ 1.9 GHz
linearity SSB LOmod <-35 dBc
DSB IM3 <-45 dBc
IM3 Pout: -22 dBm
LOmix leak.to RF out: -22 dBm
unwanted SB in SSB:
<-30 dBc max
LOmix+LOmod leak:
<-27 dBm max
bandwidth IQ BW: >90 MHz IF 3 dB BW: 400 MHz IQ BW > 90 MHz
output noise floor -160 dBm/Hz -153 dBm/Hz
architecture differential I,Q
open collector
differential, all ports
open collector
dual conversion
differential I,Q
open collector
LO drive 400 mV p-p -10 dBm into 50 omega
Applications Literature[ top ]
The following literature archives contain information that may make use of this product easier:
  General Information about RFICs [link to applications library]
  Information about Modulator RFICs [link to applications library]
  Assembly Information [link to applications library]
Demonstration Circuit Boards[ top ]
The following demonstration circuits may aid in the evaluation of this product:
  HPMX-2007 dual conversion modulator
eval board
[link to demo board info]

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