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Building Blocks for mmw Receivers

6 - 43 GHz


  antenna LNA BPF mixer
  osc buffer mult/amp  
  pll div    

Required Functions & Agilent Technologies products

Agilent Technologies supplies:
RF and IF components in the block down-converter

function PN frequency performance
LNA HMMC-5023 21.2-26.5 GHz NF=2.5dB G=24dB
  HMMC-5038 37-40 GHz NF=4.8dB G=11dB
mixer HMMC-3040 20-43 GHz RFIC
  HSCH-9101 5-50 GHz Schottky
  HSCH-9201 5-50 GHz Schottky series pair
  HSCH-9501 20-50 GHz Bondable Schottky series pair
  HSCH-9251 5-50 GHz Schottky antiparallel pair
  HSCH-9551 20-50 GHz Bondable Schottky antiparallel pair
  HSCH-9301 5-50 GHz Schottky ring quad
  HSCH-9351 5-50 GHz Schottky bridge quad
osc HBFP-0405 1-12 GHz  
  ATF-36170 1-20 GHz  
buffer HMMC-5618 6-20 GHz ISO=40dB, G=14dB, P1dB=18dBm
  HMMC-5620 6-20 GHz ISO=55dB, G=16dB, P1dB=14dBm
multiplier/ HMMC-5040 20-44 GHz G=22dB, P1dB=14dBm
amplifier HMMC-5618 6-20 GHz G=14dB, P1dB=18dBm
prescaler HMMC-3002 0.5-15 GHz div. by 2
  HMMC-3004 0.5-15 GHz div. by 4
  HMMC-3008 0.5-15 GHz div. by 8
  HMMC-3022 0.5-12 GHz div. by 2
  HMMC-3024 0.5-12 GHz div. by 4
  HMMC-3028 0.5-12 GHz div. by 8
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