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Preliminary Information

ATF-38 Series
8800 micron ultra low noise PHEMT for handsets

Product Disclaimer
Agilent Technologies reserves the right to alter specifications, features, capabilities, functions, and even general availability of this product at any time.
For more information, send an email with your address and telephone number to prelimRFinfo@hp.com.

2 GHz: NF = 0.4 dB, Ga = 16 dB, IP3i = +6 dBm
Vds = 2 V, Ids = 10 mA
high consistency PHEMT process

part number NF
@2 GHz
[ dB ]
@2 GHz
[ dB ]
@2 GHz
[ dBm ]
package outline preliminary
data sheet
ATF-38143 0.4 typ
0.85 max
16 typ
15 min
18 max
32.0 typ
18.5 min
pkg dwg pdf
Models[ top ]
The following models are available for this family:
  MDS model The data sheet contains an MDS model for this device
  ADS model [link to ADS model]
S Parameter Data[ top ]
S parameter data is available for:
  ATF-38143 [link to s parameter data]
Applications Literature[ top ]
The following literature archives contain information that may make use of this product easier:
  General Information about FETs [link to applications library]
  Info. about ATF-3 Series PHEMTs [link to applications library]
  Assembly Information [link to applications library]
Demonstration Circuit Boards[ top ]
The following demonstration circuits may aid in the evaluation of this product:
  ATF-3x143-2 2 GHz LNA [link to demo board info]

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this page last updated: 20 October 1999