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mmw Amplifiers Specification Selection Guide
& Reverse Isolation
(s12, ISO)

  -----------------------------------High Isolation-----------------------------------
  HMMC-5620 55 dB
  HMMC-5040 54 dB
  HMMC-5033 50 dB
  HMMC-5038 50 dB
  HMMC-5023 48 dB
  HMMC-5618 40 dB
  ------------------------------Moderate Isolation------------------------------
  HMMC-5021 32 dB
  HMMC-5022 32 dB
  HMMC-5026 30 dB
  HMMC-5025 30 dB
  HMMC-5032 30 dB
  HMMC-5034 30 dB
  HMMC-5027 28 dB
  --------------------------------Low Isolation--------------------------------
  HMMC-5200 15 dB
  HMMC-5220 15 dB
10 20 30 40 50 60  
  Isolation [dB]  

A measure of how much signal can leak from the output of the device back to the input. Isolation is usually expressed in terms of dBs.
The s parameter s12 directly measured isolation. Isolation in dB is equal to 20*log10(s12). This number may be expressed either as a positive number (dBs of isolation) or a negative number (20*log10[s12]).
Isolation is of most interest for buffer amplifiers. In this application, high isolation prevents impedance mismatches, such as those caused by reflections from the mixer, from changing the oscillator frequency ("pulling").

When it matters, higher isolation is better.

-10 dBm to -60 dB typical
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999