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mmw Amplifiers Specification Selection Guide
& Noise Figure

  -----------------------------------Low Noise-----------------------------------
  HMMC-5023 2.5 dB
  HMMC-5038 4.8 dB
  --------------------------------Moderate Noise--------------------------------
  HMMC-5025 5 dB (<35 GHz)
  HMMC-5618 5.5 dB
  HMMC-5200 6.5 dB
  HMMC-5220 6.5 dB
  HMMC-5025 7 dB (35-50 GHz)
  --------------------------------Gain Stage--------------------------------
  HMMC-5021 8 dB
  HMMC-5022 8 dB
  HMMC-5040 8.5 dB
  HMMC-5620 9 dB
  HMMC-5026 10 dB
  HMMC-5027 11 dB
    0             2               4               6               8               10  
  Noise Figure [dB]  

For a receiver, NF indicates the ability to discriminate the desired signal from background noise.
Good mmw IC LNAs tend to have NFs in the 2 - 5 dB range. For ICs intended for use as gain or power stages the NF will typically be in the 10 dB range. NF increases with frequency and to a first order increases with bias.

NF really only matters when the device is used in a receiver and in a location where there is not a lot of gain in front of it (the noise contribution of a device is divided by the gain in front of it). Then lower is better.

2 - 15 dB

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