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mmw Amplifiers Specification Selection Guide
& Gain
(Gp, Ga, |S21|2, GCR)

  -----------------------------------High Gain-----------------------------------
  HMMC-5023 24 dB
  HMMC-5038 23 dB
  HMMC-5040 22 dB
  --------------------------------Moderate Gain--------------------------------
  HMMC-5033 18 dB
  HMMC-5620 16 dB
  HMMC-5618 14 dB
  --------------------------------Lower Gain--------------------------------
  HMMC-5200 9.5 dB
  HMMC-5220 9.5 dB
  HMMC-5022 9.5 dB
  HMMC-5025 8.5 dB
  HMMC-5021 8 dB
  HMMC-5032 8 dB
  HMMC-5034 8 dB
  HMMC-5026 7.5 dB
  HMMC-5027 6 dB
    0                 10                   20                   30                   40  
  Gain [dB]  

The amount of power amplification provided by the gain block in dB.

Most gain blocks are intended to be used without additional matching. For these amplifiers the power gain (Gp) is also equal to |S21|2 (The unmatched gain in a 50 ohm system). Some ICs are intended to be used with additional matching and the gain specified may be a tuned gain depending on this matching. If the matching provides an optimal noise match to the input and a conjugate (optimal gain) match to the output, then the gain is called associated gain (Ga).

The input power Pin (in dBm) is equal to Pout (in dBm) - Gp (in dB). Gain decreases with frequency and increases with bias.

Needs to fit application. More gain means less stages but too much gain can lead to stability problems or saturation. In general more is better.

6 - 25 dB

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999