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 APCO 25

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APCO Project 25

U.S. Public Safety Radio / SMR


  lna mixer if  
  LNA Down Converter IF  
  switch pll baseband  
  T/R Switch PLL Baseband  
  pa driver mod  
  Power Amp Driver Modulator  
  Required Functions & Agilent Technologies products  

Agilent Technologies supplies:
solid state RF components for the radio

APCO Project 25 Rx-LNA top

Detects and amplifiers incoming signal

AT-415, AT-320, AT-310, AT-305, HBFP-0420, HBFP-0405, ATF-34143
INA-12063, INA-51063, and other MSA, MGA and INA gain blocks

APCO Project 25 Rx-Down Converter top

Converts output of LNA to IF frequency

AT-415, AT-3, HBFP transistors as active mixer
IAM-91563, IAM-81008, IAM-82008 IC mixers
HSMS-820x Schottky diodes

APCO Project 25 Rx-IF top

Low frequency amplification

AT-415, AT-320, AT-310, AT-305 bipolar transistors
INA-30311, INA-32063, INA-51063, MSA-0611 and other MSA and INA gain blocks

APCO Project 25 T/R Switch top

provides isolation between transmit and receive paths

HSMP-382x, HSMP-3860, HSMP-3890 PIN diodes as switches

APCO Project 25 PLL top

Provides stable carrier for frequency conversion and/or modulator

oscillator : AT-415, AT-320, AT-310, AT-305

buffer : AT-415, AT-320, AT-310, AT-305
INA-31063 or other INA, and MSA series gain blocks

prescalers: no Agilent Technologies products

phase comparator: no Agilent Technologies products

APCO Project 25 Baseband top

provides data inputs to modulator, converts output of IF into information

no Agilent Technologies products

APCO Project 25 Tx-Power Amplifier top

amplifies outgoing signal for broadcast, sets to correct power level

AT-380, AT-31625, AT-33225 transistors
AT-320, AT-420, ATF-34143 transistors
MGA-83563, MGA-82563, HPMX-3002, MSA-05xx and other MSA, MGA, and INA gain blocks
HSMS-28xx detector diodes for power control

APCO Project 25 Tx-Driver top

"glue" part that amplifies modulator output sufficiently to drive power chain

AT-320, AT-420, and AT-415, ATF-34143 transistors
INA-34063, MSA-0611, MSA-2111 and other MSA, MGA, and INA gain blocks

APCO Project 25 Tx-Modulator top

combines data with carrier

modulated VCO: AT-415, AT-320, AT-310 as VCO

QPSK: HPMX-2007, HPMX-2003

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999