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What's New in Markets

New for version 2.11 (1 October 1999):
Navigation and banners converted to Agilent standard
Added pointers to ATF-33143 from appropriate pages.
Updated IS-95 cellular and PCS pages product recommendations

New for version 2.10 (9 September 1999):
Navigation "look and feel" revised to match new guidelines

New for version 2.09 (4 June 1999):
Updated selection by market - removed pointers to HPMX-3003, HPLL-8001.

New for version 2.08 (3 June 1999):
Updated navigation.

New for version 2.07 (9 February 1999):
Added pointers to MGA-72543 from CDMA 1900 and CDMA 800 pages.
Added pointers to ATF-34143, HMMC-5034, amd HSCH-95x1 from appropriate pages.
Updated links (link) to Additional Information

New for version 2.06 (15 December 1998):
no change to this section.

New for version 2.05 (27 October 1998):
Restructured Market partitioning
Wireless Data segment expanded
point-to-point section expanded
MMDS section expanded
LMDS section added
MVDS section added
HomeRF / SWAP section added
Bluetooth section added
HIPERLAN / BRAN section added
U-NII section added
Video segment (previously "TV delivery") expanded
SMR / PMR section expanded
APCO Project 25 section added
TETRA section added
60 GHz section added
New for version 2.04 (24 August 1998):
Restructured directories containing down-loadable files
New for version 2.03 (10 August 1998):
Added links from markets to applications literature by market
New for version 2.02 (4 June 1998):
Updated selection guides to include new products.
Added product selection information for cellular and PCS base station applications.
New for version 2.01 (31 March 1998):
W-CDMA / UMTS / ITS-2000 section
use of symbol to indicate links to sites outside of HPRFhelp
New for version 2.00:
Original release in HTML format from WINHELP version 1.50
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999