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Down-Converting Mixer

Agilent Technologies products:

A Down-Converter translates an information carrying signal from a higher frequency to a lower frequency (IF or baseband), where it can be processed more easily or at a lower cost, by mixing the RF signal with a Local Oscillator (LO) signal to create a signal at the difference of these two frequencies. If LO is "high-side", i.e. higher in frequency than the RF signal, then the output is at fLO - fRF. If the LO is "lowside", or lower in frequency than the RF signal, then the output is at fRF - fLO.

Schematic Symbol:

Key Specifications
Input Intercept Point
Range: -20 to +15 dBm
Undesired signals
Range: -10 to -100 dBc
Conversion Gain(or Loss)
Range: -10 to +20 dB
(-7 dB for diode mixers)
Noise Figure
Range: dBs to 10s of dBs
LO Drive Level
Range: -10 to >+17 dBm

Agilent Technologies Products for Down-Converting Mixer Applications

Discrete Devices:
Schottky Diodes
Bipolar Transistors as active mixers
GaAs FETs as active mixers

Integrated Circuits:
ICs for Mixer Applications
ICs for millimeter wave Receivers

System Level:
HPMX-5001 upconverter-downconverter
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999