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BJT Nomenclature
Name = AT + emitter-emitter pitch + # emitter fingers + package code

Pitch (emitter to emitter spacing)
3 (3.2 micron)
4 (4 micron)
6 (6 micron)
0 (10 micron - obsolete)

finer pitch yields higher performance

Number of Fingers
range: 1 - 640 emitter fingers
more emitter fingers yield higher power, but require more current
(special note - the AT-415 series are 4 micron 14 emitter finger devices identical to the AT-414 series except for an enlarged bond pad that lowers assembly cost and slightly reduces high frequency performance. The AT-316, AT-332 and AT-364 power geometries have 160, 320 and 640 emitter fingers respectively. )

refer to package options


AT: bipolar transistor
3: 3.2 micron emitter to emitter spacing
20: 20 emitter finger transistor
11: SOT-143 package

Note: The HBFP Series transistors do not follow this nomenclature system
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999