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Synthesizer IC

** The HPLL-8001 is sheduled for obsolesence and is not recommended for new designs. Last time buys will be offered through December 31, 1999. **
Suggested replacements: Infineon PMD 2306T or equivalent

HPMX-8001 schematic
data sheet
3 Volt CMOS frequency synthesizer IC

Specifications and Features:

    Supply Current:
    3.1 mA typ. (2.7 V)
    6.8 mA typ. (4.5 V)
    0.06 uA typ. [Standby]
    Reference Frequency Range:
    4 - 30 MHz (2.7 V)
    4 - 60 MHz (4.5 V)
    Oscillator Frequency Range:
    4 - 30 MHz (Dual mode, 2.7 V)
    4 - 65 MHz (Dual mode, 4.5 V)
    4 - 100 MHz (Single HF mode, 2.7 V)
    4 - 160 MHz (Single HF mode, 4.5 V)
    4 - 35 MHz (Single LF mode, 2.7 V)
    4 - 90 MHz (Single LF mode, 4.5 V)
    Divide Ratios
    A    0 to 127
    N    3 to 16,380
    R    3 to 65.535
    Synchronous programming of the counters (n-, n/a-, r-counters)
    Switchable Modulus trigger edge
    Serial Control 3-wire Bus: Data, Clock (<10 MHz), Enable
    2 Programmable outputs
    External current setting for PD output
    Lock detect output with gated anti-backlash pulse (quasi-digital lock detect)
    Digital phase detector output signals for external charge pump

Applications Literature[ top ]
The following literature archives contain information that may make use of this product easier:
  General Information about RFICs [link to applications library]
  Information about ChipSets and Other RFICs [link to applications library]
  Assembly Information [link to applications library]
Demonstration Circuit Boards[ top ]
The following demonstration circuits may aid in the evaluation of this product:
  HPLL-8001 frequency synthesizer eval board [link to demo board info]
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999