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PIN Diodes

A PIN Diode is a diode made by diffusing the semiconductor so that a thin intrinsic layer exists between the P and N-doped regions (positive-intrinsic-negative). Such diodes do not rectify at microwave frequencies but behave as variable resistors controlled by the applied DC bias. PIN diodes are commonly used to make attenuator and switch circuits.

  • Surface Mount PIN Diodes
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      series description use
    HSMP-386xlow costattenuator, switch, gen. purpose
    HSMP-383xgeneral purposeattenuator, switch, gen. purpose
    HSMS-380xlow distortionattenuator
    HSMS-381xlowest distortionattenuator
    HSMP-389x0.5-2 GHz switch
    HSMP-388xhigh powerswitch
    HSMP-382xlow resistancelimiter, switch
    -481x, -482x, -489x
    low inductanceattenuator, limiter, switch
      DSNR-DK01     surface mount diode Designer's Kit

  • Microwave PIN Diodes
  • [ top ]
      series description products
    HPND-0001 ser.chipHPND-0001, -0002; 5082-0001, -0012
    HPND-4005beamld gen. pur.HPND-4005
    HPND-4028 ser.beamlead switchHPND-4028, -4038

  • Axial Glass Packaged PIN Diodes
  • [ top ]
      series description products
    1N5719 ser.general purpose 1N5719, 5082-3001, -3039, -3077
    5082-3188 ser.switching5082-3188, -3042, -3043
    5082-3080 ser.attenuating 1N5767, 5082-3080, -3081, -3379

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