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Diode Surface Mount Packaging Options

For surface mount Schottky diodes (HSMS prefix) and surface mount PIN diodes (HSMP prefix), the last digit of the part number indicates the packaging configuration.

Available options include:

code configuration package  
0 single diode SOT-23 pkg1, pkg2, pkg3, pkg4
2 series pair SOT-23 pkg1, pkg2
3 common anode pair SOT-23 pkg
4 common cathode pair SOT-23 pkg
5 unconnected pair SOT-143 pkg1, pkg2
7 ring quad SOT-143 pkg
8 bridge quad SOT-143 pkg
9 crossover quad SOT-143 pkg
B single diode SOT-323 pkg
C series pair SOT-323 pkg
E common anode pair SOT-323 pkg
F common cathode pair SOT-323 pkg
L unconnected trio SOT-363 pkg
M common cathode quad SOT-363 pkg
N common anode quad SOT-363 pkg
P bridge quad SOT-363 pkg
R ring quad SOT-363 pkg
T low inductance single SOT-363 pkg
U series-shunt pair SOT-363 pkg

The code 1 option shown below is now obsolete:

1 single diode (obsolete) SOT-23 pkg

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999