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Gain Block Specification Selection Guide
Package Options

    SMT   SMT SMT    
  package: 05 08 11 43 63 86 04 84 85 35 36 76 10 28 70 20 00
family plastic ceramic hermetic pwr die
  HMMC-5003                                 yes
  HMMC-5004                                 yes
  HMMC-5200                                 yes
  HMMC-5220                                 yes
  HPMX-3002   yes                                
  INA-01                             yes    
  INA-02           yes   yes             yes    
  INA-03               yes             yes   yes
  INA-10           yes                      
  INA-30     yes                            
  INA-31         yes                        
  INA-32         yes                        
  INA-34         yes                        
  INA-50     yes                            
  INA-51         yes                        
  INA-52         yes                        
  INA-54         yes                        
  IVA-05   yes                       yes      
  IVA-14   yes                       yes      
  MGA-641                   yes              
  MGA-725       yes                          
  MGA-815         yes                        
  MGA-825         yes                        
  MGA-835         yes                        
  MGA-855         yes                        
  MGA-865         yes                      
  MGA-875         yes                        
  MSA-01           yes yes   yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-02           yes yes   yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-03     yes     yes yes   yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-04           yes yes   yes yes yes       yes yes  
  MSA-05 yes            yes                 yes  
  MSA-06     yes     yes     yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-07     yes     yes     yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-08     yes     yes     yes yes yes       yes    
  MSA-09           yes             yes        
  MSA-11 yes            yes               yes  
  MSA-20     yes     yes     yes yes              
  MSA-21     yes                            
  MSA-31     yes     yes     yes yes              
  MSA-99                             yes    

available gain block packages

Possible differentiators include:
Cost: Plastic packages cost pennies, ceramic packages 10's of cents, and power and hermetic packages cost dollars. Unpackaged die are usually priced in the same range as ceramic packaged devices due to the high handling costs associated with these devices.

Volume assembly requirements: Surface mount compatibility (SMT) and trimmed leads are usually required

Hi-Rel screening or hermeticity: ceramic packages are OK for lower levels of screening; gold hermetic packages are needed for full "Space level" qualification.

Electrical performance: Less expensive packages often have higher parasitic inductance and capacitance than higher quality packages. The effect of these higher parasitic levels is to reduce gain at higher frequencies (typically noticeable above 1 GHz) and, in some cases, to reduce stability. For some higher powered products, the poorer thermal conductivity of certain packages will require operation at lower bias levels, and hence reduce device performance.

depends on application

packages are denoted by a 2 number code, usually the last two numbers of the part number (see nomenclature). Package types include:

SMT (surface mount)
Surface mount packages have co-planer leads that allow for device mounting without the use of through holes. Surface mount capability is generally considered to be a requirement for automated assembly.

05 pkg dwg 4 formed lead 145 mil power
08 , pkg dwg SO-8: 8 lead industry standard (for power)
11 pkg dwg SOT-143: industry standard low parasitic
43 pkg dwg SOT-343: SC-70 4 lead miniature
63 pkg dwg SOT-363: SC-70 6 lead miniature
86 pkg dwg 4 formed lead 85 mil low parasitic improved thermals
35 pkg dwg 4 lead ceramic "micro-x"
36 pkg dwg 4 lead ceramic "micro-x" with lead trim
76 pkg dwg 4 lead ceramic with lead trim
28 pkg dwg 8 lead 180 mil microstripline
10 pkg dwg 4 lead 100 mil stripline for high performance for larger die
70 pkg dwg 4 lead 70 mil stripline for high performance

00 pkg dwg unpackaged chip
04 pkg dwg 4 trimmed lead 145 mil power
84 4 trimmed axial lead 85 mil low parasitic improved thermals
85 pkg dwg 4 axial lead 85 mil low parasitic improved thermals
20 pkg dwg 200 mil BeO disc
23 pkg dwg 230 mil BeO flange

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999