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VT-9000 Series VCOs
Hyperabrupt Varactor-Tuned Oscillators

data sheet pdf PDF 65k
model frequency Pout phase noise current

[dBm][dBc in 1 Hz BW][mA]
VTO-9032320-640+10-95 @ 50 kHz50
VTO-9050500-900+10-100 @ 50 kHz50
VTO-9068680-1630+10-95 @ 50 kHz50
VTO-9090900-1600+10-100 @ 50 kHz50
VTO-91201200-2000+10-97 @ 50 kHz50
VTO-91301300-2300+10-97 @ 50 kHz50

Featuressuperior linearity and modulation sensitivity
uSecond Tuning Speeds
Fast Settling Times
±2 dB Output Flatness
Hermetic Thin-film construction
0 to 65 C and 0 to 70 C Operating Temperature Range
+15 V Power Supply


Markets / ApplicationsCommercial Receiver Oscillators
Commercial Frequency Synthesizers

Function / UsePrimary Frequency Source
Phase Lock LO Source
Applications Literature[ top ]
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