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Collision Avoidance RADAR


  Heterodyne FM-CW Radar Sensor  
  24, 60, 77
mmW source FM mod.      
    mmW Mixer IF RF mixer Vehicle
        RF LO    
  Homodyne FM-CW Radar Sensor  
  24, 60, 77
mmW source        
    mmW Mixer     mmW Detector  
Required Functions & Agilent Technologies products

Agilent Technologies supplies:
sources, mixers, amplifiers and detectors.

RADAR Millimeter Wave Source top

creates mmW signal

ATF-36xxx 150 GHz fmax, 100 GHz ft PHEMTs
ATF-13xxx 100 GHz fmax 40 GHz ft GaAs FETs will work well for the 10.5 GHz systems

RADAR Millimeter Wave Mixer top

downconverts signal from mmW to RF

HSCH-9201 Schottky diode series pair for balanced mixers
HSCH-9251 Schottky diode anti-parallel pair for subharmonic LO mixers

HSMS-820x will work well as the mixer for the 10.5 GHz systems


Amplifies intermediate frequency signal for further processing

transistors: AT-415xx and AT-320xx ICs: MSA, INA, and MGA series gain blocks, especially MGA-865xx and MGA-875xx

RADAR RF Mixer top

downconverts signal from RF to baseband

HSMS-280x and HSMS-820x

ICs: IAM series

RADAR RF Local Oscillator top

Provides RF frequency LO for RF Mixer

AT-415xx and AT-320xx Transistors

RADAR mmW Detector top

Converts mmW signal to DC output

HSCH-9161 GaAs beamlead Schottky diode

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999