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Test instruments used to create and evaluate RF equipment also makes use of high frequency semiconductors and hybrids. General purpose instruments such as high speed oscilloscopes or network analyzers usually require devices with extremely broad-band performance. This market is one of the primary consumers of broadband sources and wideband high performance GaAs MMICs and Si gain blocks. Alternatively, a dedicated test set such as a tester for a GSM telephone handset may make use of the same specialized products as does the handset itself.

Virtually any of Agilent Technologies' wireless semiconductor products can be used for instrumentation applications.

Products especially popular for instrumentation applications include:

Broadband amplifier ICs from the MSA, MGA and INA families
Broadband millimeter wave amplifier ICs from the HMMC series
Broadband attenuators, prescalers and switches from the HMMC families

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999