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DC Power Supply

The DC power supply is the source of energy for the DC bias of the RF components. For mobile systems, the power supply will be a battery. These systems are typically concerned with low current operation for long battery life. For "plugged-in" applications, the voltage is open, with 6 to 12 V being a common range for small signal devices. Devices operating "plugged-in" typically have more relaxed requirements for bias current, as long as device reliability is met.

Some GaAs FET based devices require negative voltage supplies for Gate biasing in addition to positive voltage supplies for Drain biasing.

Schematic Symbol:

Key Specifications
Available DC Voltage
Range: Varies. Typically 1, 3V, 5V for battery operation; depends on design for "plugged in". Limits the operating voltage for components.
Available Current
Range: varies; sets current budget for components.

Agilent Technologies Products for DC Power Supply Applications

In general Agilent Technologies' Wireless Semiconductor Product Line does not manufacture products for DC power supplies.
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999