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Mathcad Calculators

The following worksheets require the use of Mathcad software by Mathsoft, Inc. Save the file using the supplied name, then open it in Mathcad to perform the calculations.
  models har-lep.mcd (31 k Mathcad file):

This worksheet calculates the transfer curve of a Schottky diode detector (without matching circuit, zero frequency) at any temperature. It is based upon the work of Harrison & LePolozec.

  models largesig.mcd (32 k Mathcad file):

Large signal version of har-lep.mcd, useful for the design of detectors which operate over the range of -15 to +20 dBm (such as AGC circuit detectors).

  models pi_attn.mcd (86 k Mathcad file):

Calculates attenuation and return loss vs. bias voltage for three versions of the 4-diode Pi attenuator described in Application Note 1048.

  models p_diss.mcd (25 k Mathcad file):

Calculates the junction temperature of a diode, given the ambient temperature, DC bias current, RF power dissipated in the diode, diode and package type.

  models pin_char.mcd (23 k Mathcad file):

Calculates the two APLAC parameters (n and Is) from four pairs of forward V-I data. Also calculates Rs, needed to plot the V-I curve using pin_vi.mcd.

  models pin_vi.mcd (22 k Mathcad file):

Plots the forward V-I curve of a PIN diode, given n, Is and Rs.

  models schottky.mcd (28 k Mathcad file):

Plots the V-I curve for any Schottky diode at any temperature. Calculates maximum safe current.

  models sch_char.mcd (24 k Mathcad file):

This worksheet is used to characterize a Schottky diode (series resistance, ideality factor, saturation current), given five V-I data pairs.

  models zbs_char.mcd (26 k Mathcad file):

Characterizes the junction resistance and junction capacitance of a zero bias Schottky diode.

  models _g_to_z.mcd (19 k Mathcad file):

Converts S11 or complex reflection coefficient to complex impedance.

  models _z_to_g.mcd. (19 k Mathcad file):

Converts complex impedance to S11 or complex reflection coefficient.

  models r_and_c.mcd (33 k Mathcad file):

Calculates series or shunt resistance or capacitance, given a value of attenuation and frequency.

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this page last updated: 1 October 1999