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A switch routes a signal between different paths, by breaking or creating connectivity.

A switch is specified in terms of number of poles (number of terminals on a port) and number of throws (number of alternative positions). Thus a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch would toggle a one terminal connnection between two possible positions.

Switches may be absorptive or reflective. An absorptive switch provides a termination, often 50 ohms, to the unconnected port. A reflective switch leaves the unconnected port open-circuited.

Schematic Symbols:

Key Specifications
Isolation (S12)
Range: 10 - 50 dB (20 to 30 typ)
Insertion Loss
Range: tenths of a dB to a few dB
Switching Speed
Range: nano seconds to micro seconds

Agilent Technologies Products for Switch Applications

Discrete Devices:
PIN Diodes
Integrated Circuits:
comparison of Switch ICs
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